Chapter Hangar

Our hangar measures 50'w x 42'd. Has full span horizontal bi-fold door. Some of the tools / machinery available for member's use.

Hangar Spaces are available to rent. Build your airplane here and have access to a lot of different tools, machines, etc. Also, several members live on site and are knowledgeable about aircraft construction.
Contact Hangar Manager-Lew Mason for entrance or rental details. Hm-210-688-9072, C-210-262-6723 or Ron O'Dea-C-210-488-5088.
Access is Free to members but must call manager for entry.

The hangar has several pieces of machinery including a metal milling machine, drill press, bandsaw, parts washer, sand blaster cabinet, double floor stand grinding wheel, large air compressor, 8' metal brake and 6' metal shear just to name a few. Many more tools available like compression gauges, mag timing light, sparkplug cleaner and this list goes on and on---ALL available for members use. Prior arrangements needed for access to hangar. Some space available to rent for assembly / repair of AC. Call the Manager at number listed.
Hangar Tool Inventory